Claire Lucerne fuck – “Randy, the Electric Lady”

Name: Randy, the Electric Lady

Country: United States

Director: Phillip Schuman

Year: 1980

Language: English

Duration: 65 min

Actors: Eric Edwards,Johnnie Keyes,Richard Pacheco,Tyler Reynolds,John Sleuther,Roger Frazer,Steve Miller,Cyrus James,Harold Steinfarfel,Justin Case,John Leonard,C.P. Herr

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Actress: Desiree Cousteau,Aunt Peg,Jesie St. James,Arcadia Lake,Desiree West,Barbara Klouds,Monica Sands,Brenda Stewart,Claire Lucerne,Jennifer Royce,Gina D’Amato,Mary Sue Hoffer,Beth Stein

"The name of this film is RANDY, with THE ELECTRIC LADY added later probably for unneeded pizzazz. RANDY is a delightful sci-fi comedy that was made in 1978, two years earlier than its release date. The film is carefully crafted nonsense and makes full use of Desiree Cousteau’s sexual and acting abilities. She is truly enthusiastic and uninhibited in the role of Randy, a free spirit experiencing problems with orgasm. She turns to a research center headed by Doctors Tully and Harrison, played by Monica and Roger. Under their testing, Randy learns that she produces a substance called ‘orgasmine’ when she climaxes, and in no time at all she short circuits all of the lab equipment."The head of the institute, the evil Dr. Pandreck (played by Juliet Anderson to the hilt) realizes that control of orgasmine will rule the world. People involved with it experience complete and utter passion and can easily be controlled. After the good doctors spirit Randy to a country hideout, she is found by the wicked henchpersons of Pandreck and produced the substance for them. From that point on, the film becomes pure sexual farce."RANDY is brilliantly put together. It is witty, charming and sexually hot, one of the few films I would classify as totally professional. The best scene of the film is at the country estate, where Monica’s jealousy melts and she, Desiree and Roger find themselves in a sensuous three-way by the fireplace. Monica has not appeared in another film, to the best of my knowledge, and she is something to behold. Desiree is the ideal perfect love toy, and she is not a sex object here, because of the plot. Watch enough dreck, you’re bound to find some jewels. This is one of the rarest."


Amber Lynn : Classic vintage lesbian porn

Amber Lynn : Classic vintage lesbian porn

Name: Personal Touch 3

Duration: 84 min

Language: English

Director: Bobby Hollander

Country: United States

Year: 1983

Actors: Craig Roberts,Steve Powers,Bobby Hollander,Jerry Davis

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Actress: Amber Lynn,Lisa DeLeeuw,Bunny Bleu,Tantala Ray,Nikki Randall,Tracy Duzit,Joi

Amber Lynn : Classic vintage lesbian porn

Personal Touch 3 takes the viewer on the most exotic journey ever into the minds and bodies of beautiful erotic actress and magazine models as they revel to you, the viewer, their deepest sexual stories. What really turns them on. Not only do they tell, but they show us as well! Stunning new blonde model Amber Lane, who has graced the pages of Hustler, Chic, Genesis, and High Society, makes her erotic debut with amiable sex star Craig Roberts in the most romantic of settings. We then see a horny session with dominatric Tantala, furiosly "seducing" Jenny Davis as superstar Lisa DeLeeuw jumps in on the action for a sizzling three-way tryst. Traci Duzit, one of the prettiest new entries in sex films, teases the audience with a masturbation scenein the tub that slips into a frantic love session with new male erotic performer Steve Powers. Black actress Joi, also in her very first sex film, starts off with pretty girl Bunny Bleu for a sensitive, interracial lesbian match that soon turns into a three-way as charming Craig Roberts jumps in. It soon gets out of hand as the entire cast joins the trio ending the tape in an all-out, steaming orgy wonderfully choreographed by top video sex director Bobby Hollander.


Sylvie Dessartre videos in “Education of the Baroness”

Name: Education of the Baroness

Director: Gérard Kikoine

Country: France

Language: English

Duration: 131 min

Year: 1977

Actors: Alban Ceray,Guy Royer,Jacques Gatteau,Patrice Cheron,Richard Bigotini,R. Lounge

Actress: Brigitte Lahaie,Sylvie Dessartre,Maude Carolle,Micky Love,Michele D’Agro

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What would you do if you could change places with a Baron and Baroness for one day? In this fast-paced adventure, two servants find out what it’s like to have all the wealth and power they can handle. Hector, the chauffeur and Baron reverse roles during a drive through the countryside. The Baron enjoys chauffeuring, with the feel of the road under him, While Hector enjoys the feel of a sweet young hitchhiker in the backseat.


Kimberly Carson free porn in “Deeper Harder Faster”

Name: Deeper Harder Faster

Country: United States


Duration: 82 min

Year: 1986

Language: English

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Retro interracial porn in “Foxy Lady 11”

Name: Foxy Lady 11

Duration: 107 min

Year: 1988

Country: Germany

Director: Sascha Alexander

Language: English

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Actress: Teresa Orlowski,Ebony Ayes,Keisha,Megan Leigh,Amanda Shear,Hope

Actors: Mike Horner,Joey Silvera,Billy Dee,Jon Dough,Randy Spears,Frank James,Robert Bullock

German Bestseller from Teresa Orlowski


Simona Valli – Daily lesbian porn classics

Simona Valli - Daily lesbian porn classics

Name: Una Ricca Vergine

Language: Italian

Director: Max Bellocchio

Duration: 79 min

Country: Italy

Year: 1994

Actress: Simona Valli,Dina Pearl,Anita Rinaldi,Thunde Johnson

Actors: Christophe Clark,Philippe Soine,John Walton,Luca Damiano,Frank Gun,Gianfranco Romagnoli

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Simona Valli - Daily lesbian porn classics


Patricia Kennedy in Classic lesbian porn tubes

Name: Inferno 1

Year: 1993

Duration: 73 min

Country: United States

Language: French

Director: Paul Norman

Actress: Patricia Kennedy,Sunset Thomas,Shayla LaVeaux,Alex Jordan,Serenity,Chris Collins

Actors: Peter North,Steve Drake,Scott Turner,Paul Norman,Zack Thomas

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Patricia Kennedy in Classic lesbian porn tubes